XPERT Coaches. XPERT Sport Scientists. XPERTS in Opening and Supporting Profitable Gyms.

At XCELERATE GYMS we have a hard-working, dedicated team of XPERTS that support every element of what goes into making an XCELERATE GYM a success.

Our XPERTS cove all our in-gym focus such as nutrition, psychology, sleep and mobility, sports science, strength training, functional training and combat sports through to all the business activities that includes properties, business planning, sales, marketing, finance and people development so that on every step of your journey with XCELERATE, you know we have the right XPERTS to support your gym.

Made Different, Made Better, Made for Everyone is more than just a tagline – it is a statement that underpins everything we do and how we look to support our members, staff and business owners.

We provide XPERT support and guidance to everyone who expresses an interest in becoming a franchisee, whether it’s your first venture into running your own business or if you are a session entrepreneur that is perhaps taking their first steps in to the gym and fitness market.

Our 26 week ‘XCELERATE into Business’ plan provides a clear commitment from us to get each franchisee into business within six months of signing their agreement.

We work with you and our hand-picked partners to get the gym open in this time, minimising the initial costs and maximising the pre-sale and all the opportunities that comes with being a new gym that will set the gym up for long-term profitability and sustained success.  

Our goal is to build long-term relationships to assist you in achieving your dream of opening a gym and then we hope, many more.

It was the success of our planning and the support of our XPERT partners that ensured that Edgware opened its doors (despite all the challenges through the pandemic) with more than 1,000 members and profitable from day one of opening.

As we roll out more gyms across the UK (watch this space over the next few weeks for more announcements soon) we will continue to build on this initial success to ensure that each and every business owner is supported with our XPERT advice to create gyms that inspire their local communities, build relationships with their members and in doing so create long-term, successful businesses for our business owners.

And that is why we are Made Different. Made Better. Made for Everyone! 

If you want to find out more about our XPERT support and our XCELERATE business plan, feel free to get in touch with Sam Yates, our Franchise Development Manager today at sam.yates@xcelerategyms.com or call 07507 723 374.