Our 5-star membership journey

What to expect when you join XCELERATE GYMS

Welcome to the most personalised and supportive new member joiner programme

Our in-gym teams are experts in their fields. They are highly qualified, highly skilled and highly motivated to maximise the support we provide every member that joins XCELERATE GYMS.

Your first steps with XCELERATE GYM

On signing up to XCELERATE GYM and as part of the induction our team member will help you download the XCELERATE App.

As you work through a number of questions that will help us and you determine what is ‘Your X’ our App will then hand pick your personal coach that will then be in contact with you within 24 hours to arrange a bespoke 1:1 consultation to help unlock your full potential and achieve the value of your X!

This free 1:1 coach will include bespoke training programmes as well as plans for your wellness and mindfulness that also includes specific nutrition and recovery programmes. Our plans support every member, at every age and at every level of fitness whether XCELERATE is your first gym membership or you are a seasoned gym goer.

Once you are up and running...

Once the consultation is complete the programme will be downloaded to the App so you have easy access to follow the plans and begin the journey to maximum wellness for your mind, body and soul.

Then 2-weeks later your personal coach will be back in touch to review your progress to make sure you are finding the workouts varied and challenging and to help keep you motivated and excited about your journey to smashing your X!

After this you will have access to message and meet with your personal coach as often as required as we support every member to maximise their membership and work with you feel XCELERATED!