XCELERATE GYMS feature in latest edition of What Franchise Magazine

Alongside appearing on the front cover, XCELERATE GYMS is also part of the magazine’s special report on the best sport, fitness and outdoor franchise opportunities out there right now.

We know that now is a fantastic time to invest in the fitness industry, as we now live in a world in which the health, fitness and wellbeing of the population is the #1 priority of the government, the #1 story in the media and an ever-increasing focus for millions of people, as getting fit and staying fit has never been more important. 

At XCELERATE GYMS we are perfectly set as the UK’s newest fitness franchise that offers more than just another gym to take advantage of this new world.

We take a full 360-degree view of our members’ health, fitness and wellbeing and give them the support, the tools and the advice from world leading experts to maximise every element of their mind, body and soul.

We will create best in class health and fitness ‘hubs’ that become the beating heart of local communities, as individuals and families focused on their health, wellbeing and fitness join our gyms.

Click here to read the article and find out why XCELERATE GYMS was built to be different on pages 50-51. You will also find out more about our product, the opening of our inaugural site, XCELERATE GYM Edgware, and hear from our Co-Founders, Mark Chambers and Simon Hayes, on their plans for the brand for 2021 and beyond.