Will it be safe to go to the gym when lockdown restrictions end?

At home workouts have become a necessary alternative for fitness lovers missing the gym since their closure. A recent survey by Sport England found that the British population miss being able to workout at their gyms and 87% plan to resume their memberships post lockdown

Some people may feel anxious about returning to ‘normal’ life and activities, including the gym, after lockdown. Fear and anxiety are the most common emotional response any of us will feel as we prepare to leave lockdown and begin to socially interact will others outside our own homes and bubbles.

“The change from having a highly social work and personal life to nothing at all can be really detrimental to a person’s mental health, and may cause many people who are normally extroverted to feel more like they are becoming introverted and not wanting to mix with others” Jana Abelovska medical advisor for Click Pharmacy says. Nicky Lidbetter CEO of Anxiety UK agrees saying “you perhaps lose your confidence to do things you haven’t had to in a while”. 

If you are feeling anxious we recommend a visit to the NHS UK website where you will find helpful tips on managing anxiety during Covid 19 and after lockdown.


One proven way to combat anxiety is by looking after our bodies. Our physical health has a huge impact on how we feel. So, try to eat healthy well-balanced meals, stay hydrated and exercise regularly. 

Exercise is not only an effective, natural way of relieving anxiety it also protects us against Covid 19. The more we understand about the virus the more we realise how important our health and fitness is. Obesity and poor respiratory fitness have been shown to be amongst the highest risk factors in serious and fatal Covid 19 cases. Exercise also encourages the secretion of the protein EcSOD which coats the organs and protects against the virus.

We now know the benefits of exercise for our mental and physical health and in defending us against Covid-19. So with many of us now eager to return to the gym, are they safe? The answer is clear -YES!

Data published on 17th February 2021 by industry body ukactive shows that for every 100,000 visits to UK gyms and leisure centres during 2020 only 1.7 people went on to test positive for COVID-19. In addition to this being an exceptionally low figure, there is no evidence that transmission took place in gyms.

Huw Edwards CEO of ukactive said “The fitness and leisure sector remains confident in the Government-approved safety measures put in place, which will allow visitors to return with confidence, and we continue to work with each nation to support decisions for their reopening roadmaps using the very latest data and evidence from our sector.”

“Our nation’s gyms…have never been more needed as our communities try to recover mentally and physically from this terrible pandemic and the effects of lockdown”.

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