The Benefits of Spinning

Spinning class

The basics

Spinning is a group indoor cycling class with an energetic instructor who motivates and challenges the participants to give 100% effort for the duration of the class. There is also a great atmosphere, pumping music, and other members all encouraging each other to push themselves harder.  

Cycling inside in a studio setting has many advantages over outdoor cycling- there are no car fumes, pollution or bad weather conditions to spoil your ride. You will be safe, dry and warm indoors and you will not be risking your life swerving cars, buses and pedestrians. 

Unlike other studio classes there is no routine to master and you will not be left behind if you cannot keep up. Because you control the bike’s resistance yourself you can go at your own pace tailoring the workout to you and your fitness level. Therefore spinning is suitable for almost all age groups and fitness levels and unlike other classes there is a reduced risk of injury.

The health benefits

Spinning is basically high energy interval training, you can burn approximately 600-700 calories in 45mins, meaning you will see results fast. Exercise increases your metabolism so you digest food faster and use energy more efficiently too.

 A spinning class builds muscle tone in core, bottom, calves and thigh muscles giving you shapely legs and toned abs. It is a low impact workout that puts minimal pressure on the knees and joints and over time can increase bone density.

Spinning increases cardiovascular (the heart, the blood vessels, arteries, capillaries, and veins) endurance, the heart becomes stronger and better equipped to handle increased demands made on it.  It also improves lung capacity and helps you focus on controlled breathing which can help in many situations-not just exercise related ones.

Spinning gives you a natural high created by the endorphins released after intense exercise. These endorphins are great at relieving stress as is the social aspect of the class. 

“Spinning is easy to learn, motivating and a great way to get in shape and stay in shape. From professional athletes to individuals simply looking for a program to lose a few pounds, regardless of age, weight, or skill level, it’s easy to get started with one of the world’s leading exercise programs” (

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