Remaining motivated to go to the gym in the winter months

My alarm rudely awakens me from my sleep and drags me from my lovely warm, comfortable, cosy
bed. It cannot be time to get up, it is still dark outside and it’s so, so cold.

Like many people, my motivation to go to the gym can wane at various points throughout the year. I
really struggle to stay motivated in the winter, when all I want to do is crawl back into bed and

I cannot, and will not however, let all the hard work I’ve put into staying fit and healthy throughout
the year go down the drain just because it’s winter.

Here are the ways I manage to stay motivated in the winter months:

  • I pack my gym bag, get my trainers and workout clothes out and prepare all my workout
    drinks and snacks the night before I plan to go to the gym. Then I cannot use the excuse that
    I did not have time in the morning to get everything ready.


  • I find it helpful to log how I feel before a workout and again afterwards. Even if I am not
    looking forward to working out, I always feel great and really glad I made myself go
    afterwards. I look at these logs on the days I struggle to motivate myself to prove I will feel
    better after, I always do.


  • Arrange to go to the gym with someone else. Even if I really do not want to go to the gym, I
    will not let my workout buddy down by cancelling. They are expecting me to show up and
    help motivate them by pushing them harder, and I expect the same from them in return.


  • Motivational photographs, videos and/or quotes are great to look at when I feel I need a
    push to get to the gym. Take a look at Xcelerate Gyms Instagram account here. I also find it helpful to look at old photos of myself looking in better shape than now to help motivate me.


  • If there is a special, important, or sporting event coming up that I want to be in shape for, for
    example, a wedding, holiday, charity run, school reunion etc. then I countdown how many
    days I have left to get ready for it, this makes me less likely to skip the gym.


  • Book a block of sessions with a Personal Trainer. If I cannot motivate myself, they definitely
    will. A personal Trainer will assess my progress, teach me new techniques, and push me to
    achieve my fitness goals through the winter.


  • If, after trying all the above, I still feel unmotivated, I visualise the Power Plate Recovery
    Room, long hot shower and delicious shake that await me at my gym (Xcelerate Gyms Edgware) once I have finished exercising.


Do you need to push yourself harder to get to the gym in the winter months?

What motivates you to continue exercising whatever the weather?

What methods/strategies do you use to make sure you don’t ditch the gym in the winter?

Let us know below!