Celebrating Valentine’s Day as a Family

Valentine’s Day, or St Valentine’s Day, is a tradition celebrated every year on 14th February. It is thought Valentine’s Day originated from a Roman festival called Lupercalia as far back as 6th Century BC. It is the day people show their affections for one another by sending cards, flowers or chocolates with their messages of love.

Over the years I think the true meaning of the day has become lost and instead it has turned into an over commercialised celebration. If you have been near the shops recently you will have seen love hearts absolutely everywhere!

It is not necessary to spend money on things you do not need to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  Also, Valentine’s Day does not have to be a day reserved for only yourself and your partner.  This Valentine’s Day focus on spending time together as a family and showing one another that you love them and how much they mean to you.

Here are some ideas of how to spend Valentine’s Day with your family:

  1. Create a Valentine’s breakfast for your family making heart shaped pancakes, crumpets or toast with a cookie cutter.

  2. Leave a love note in their lunchboxes. It’s a fun surprise to find later, especially if you are not spending the day together.

  3. Make a family pact not to complain about anything for the entire day – parents included!

  4. Make a memorable meal together. Even the youngest member of the family can get involved by stirring ingredients or helping to set the table.

  5. Get crafty and make your own valentine’s day decorations, pictures and gifts. Making your home, and each other, feel special.

  6. Make heart shaped chocolates and give them to those you love. You can decorate them together however you like. We love these by Emily Leary.

  7. Have a heart treasure hunt, hiding paper hearts around the house for everyone to find. You can either write clues to find the hearts or simply see who collects the most.

  8. Exchange Valentine’s cards as a family. Homemade cards show that you have spent the time and effort to make someone you love something very special that they can treasure.

  9. Have a family game night spending quality time together. Family games can help children learn a variety of skills such as turn taking, teamwork, patience, counting and maths.

  10. Tell each member of your family why you love them or what you love about them. Telling someone you love them solidifies your bond and keeps a relationship strong.

  11. Bake special Valentine’s day treats together such as cupcakes, cookies or cakes. Baking is very creative and children can really get involved in the kitchen too.

  12. Have a family movie night picking a romantic film that you will all enjoy such as Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella or Lady and the Tramp. Don’t forget the popcorn!

Tag us in your Family Valentines Celebrations, we can’t wait to see what you get up to…