Celebrating 1,900+ Members At XCELERATE Forest Hill!

At XCELERATE Gyms, we couldn’t be more proud to share another incredible achievement made by one of our outstanding managers.

Hot off the heels of announcing THREE brand new territories in Swindon, Preston and London Fields, and introducing two new franchisees to the XCELERATE family, we’re spotlighting Fehmi Emiralioglu, the Cluster Manager at XCELERATE Gyms in Forest Hill. We’re celebrating an impressive growth in membership, with a total of 1,922 members!

At XCELERATE, we ensure each of our gyms is equipped with industry-leading management, backed by a dedicated team who we know will put their all into creating excellent results and ensuring the success of their gym.

We’d like to congratulate Fehmi and the whole Forest Hill team for their remarkable accomplishments. Here are some of the awe-inspiring highlights of their excellent performance!

1,900+ Members!

The relentless dedication and unwavering commitment of the XCELERATE team has led to an impressive growth in membership, with a total of 1,922 members in the Forest Hill XCELERATE Gym.

Fehmi and his team have helped to create a phenomenal atmosphere, and the incredible membership figures highlight the tremendous trust and satisfaction our customers have in the XCELERATE Gyms facilities and services.

105% of Monthly Budget Achieved

Through a combination of outstanding management skills and our results-focused management framework, the Forest Hill XCELERATE Gym has surpassed their monthly budget target, achieving an incredible 105% of the set goal!

This extraordinary feat is a testament to Fehmi’s astute financial acumen, his ability to drive exceptional results, and the dedication of the XCELERATE team to create a successful, profitable business model.

New XCELERATE Record for Open Club, Close Out Performance – 50 Sales in 24 Hours!

Fehmi’s strategic vision and effective leadership has led to the club achieving a NEW RECORD for XCELERATE Gyms, surpassing all expectations with an astonishing record of 50 sales within just 24 hours.

We’re incredibly proud to be working with and supporting such a dedicated team. This remarkable accomplishment raises the bar for XCELERATE, demonstrating the team’s ability to seize opportunities and maximise results, and proving the success of the XCELERATE business model!

Another Record! Highest Fitness Product Revenue, Generated by Fitness Manager, Jonathan

Under the guidance of their exceptional Fitness Manager, Jonathan, the team at Forest Hill clinched the first place position for generating the highest fitness product revenue for back-to-back months!

This incredible achievement underscores our commitment to fostering a culture of excellence across all XCELERATE Gyms and driving exceptional performance across all our teams.

All in Less Than 1 Year!

Most impressively, under the leadership of Fehmi, the Forest Hill XCELERATE Gym has accomplished these remarkable milestones within just 10 months since opening. This tremendous progress has placed us well ahead of our projected one-year forecast, showcasing the unwavering dedication, and remarkable talents of the XCELERATE team.

We’re so proud to provide industry-leading support to all of our franchise owners. The XCELERATE management framework enables us to build winning teams in each of our gyms, helping our franchisees create successful, profitable businesses. Fehmi and the team at Forest Hill are aiming to break the magic 2,000 member figure in June, and we’re here to support them every step of the way!

Congratulations once again to Fehmi and the entire team at Forest Hill XCELERATE Gyms for their outstanding achievements🎉👏

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