4 juicing recipes for children

Making sure children consume their 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day can be challenging.

Fruit juices and smoothies are a great way of getting children to consume fruit and vegetables in an easy and effective way. They contain approximately 85% water making them a great source of hydration and they are loaded with micronutrients found in certain plant-based foods.

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Micronutrients are one of the major groups of nutrients the human body needs for energy production, immune function and bone growth. They can improve digestion issues, weight management difficulties, diabetes, neurodegenerative disease, and cardiovascular disease.

Shop bought fruit and vegetable juices often contain added sugars and other undesirable ingredients, such as preservatives. Juicing your own drinks is the best way to control what goes into them and to ensure it’s the freshest it can possibly be.

Juicing with your child offers a great opportunity to teach them the importance of healthy dietary choices. Fully immerse them in the experience, from shopping for the ingredients to juicing the drinks themselves. They are much more likely to drink the juices they have made themselves and more willing to try new things too.

It may take some experimentation to find what flavours and combinations they like. It is advisable to start with fruit juices rather than vegetables, as fruits contains more natural sugars and therefore taste sweeter. Our taste buds take a while to adjust to juiced vegetables, so introduce them slowly.

Depending on the ingredients, some juices can look a little off putting (think pond water). In such instances the use of colourful glasses and straws can make the juices more appealing and enticing. Fresh fruit and vegetable juice tastes best cold, so either pour over ice cubes or refrigerate first before drinking.

Below are a few simple recipes to get you started:

Sherbet Lemonade by Juice Master

2 Golden Delicious Apples
1/3 of a Wax-Free Lemon
2 Ice Cubes

Wash the ingredients first, the simply juice the apples and lemon and pour over ice – it really does taste like cloudy lemonade!

Berry Minty by Active Kids

2 Apples
2 Kiwis (peeled before juicing)
Handful of Blueberries
6 Strawberries
4-10 mint leaves (for flavour)

Wash the ingredients first. Peel the kiwis first then juice all the ingredients over ice.

Beetroot & Apple Juice by Mom Junction

1 Apple
2 carrots
½ Raw Beetroot

Wash the ingredients first then simply juice ingredients over ice.

Berry Banana Crunch Smoothie by Juice Master

2 Apples
2 Handfuls of Mixed Berries (fresh or frozen)
2 Tablespoons of Natural Yoghurt
1/2 Ripe Banana
2 Tablespoons of Mixed Seeds


Wash the ingredients first. Juice the apples. Pour the juice into the blender followed by the berries, yoghurt, banana, seeds and ice. Blend for just a few seconds. Tip: If you are using frozen berries, there is no need to add extra ice to the blender.

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