10 things to look for when choosing a gym

Finding a local gym that suits you and your needs can be a daunting task. With so many gym operators to choose from the only way you are going to find your perfect match is to book a tour and look around.

When you are choosing a gym consider the following:

  1. Location – is it conveniently located near your home or work? Your gym visits should slot easily into your daily routine, you should not have to go miles out of your way to get there.
  2. Operating hours-what time does the gym open and close? Is it open on weekends? Just like a gym’s location its opening hours need to fit around your work, family and the rest of your day.
  3. Facilities-does the gym have the necessary facilities to meet your workout needs?
    1. Is the equipment up to date and well maintained? Is there enough to ensure minimal queuing during peak times?
    2. Do they offer classes? Are they at the times you will be at the gym?
    3. What are the changing rooms/showers like? Are they clean and well maintained?
    4. Is there a post exercise relaxation area? Some gyms have a sauna, steam room, massage and/or beauty treatments and some even have recovery rooms.
    5. Is there parking available close to the gym?
  1. Member rewards-sometimes gyms offer discounts with other local business, gifts for member loyalty, usage or referring friends who join and also the use of other gyms in the same chain.
  2. Atmosphere-how does it feel? When you first walk in gauge the energy and experience. Can you imagine spending time there? You should feel right at home and ready to work out.
  3. Staff- are they friendly, welcoming and professional? Do they put care and effort into developing a community in a clean and safe space?
  4. Personal Training- this is a must for first time gym users. How much is personal training? Are there instructors on the gym floor to help members and answer questions?
  5. Members – what are they like? Do they look happy? Can you see yourself fitting in?
  6. Cleanliness-is the gym and its facilities clean? The gym should be cleaned every night by a cleaning team and throughout the day staff should be wiping down the equipment too. Is there a policy that members should wipe down the equipment when they have finished using it?
  7. Price/contract- is there is an initial sign-up fee? Most gyms have monthly or annual payment options and some offer pay as you go. Is there a family package or discounts when couples join? Ask what the cancellation procedure is.  Read the terms and conditions carefully.


Finding the right gym for you is a very personal choice. When you have found it ask for a guest pass to try it out before your sign a contract. Also check the gym’s social media, check their feed for daily activities, members interaction and look at member reviews. After all this is an important investment you will be making in a healthier, fitter, happier you.